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How can good writing impact the success of your social media campaigns?

Plenty of killer blog posts still don’t achieve the results you want – strong conversion rates – because you’re not answering your audience’s needs.

Your content not only has to stand out, it also has to strike a chord with your audience and engage your influencers. That requires some good tactics.  

Write to the reader

No one cares about what you do; readers only care what they can get from what you do. So then, write from the readers’ perspective. Make them the hero. Customers are more than just faceless demographics. To spark their interest and earn their attention, get inside their heads.

A list of features? B-o-r-i-n-g. Words that paint a picture for how the reader’s life will improve, that’s the way to go. Sometimes, “standing out” is nothing more than writing from the reader’s point of view. Because most of your competitors don’t.

What action do you want the reader to take? Click the buy, call, or contact us button? Or maybe you just want them to feel a certain way. Empathy? Informed?

Even when your social post is an opportunity to build, show, and share your brand, still write with a purpose to raise your signal, lessen the noise.

Your title should be an irresistible lure.

Lead your reader down the page by breaking up your message. Short paragraphs. Short sentences. Transition lines. Bullets. Some bolded items, too.

Allow your readers to skim and scan your message. It helps them feel a series of successes as they move down the page. The more they read, the more they understand. And questions are good too. They encourage the reader to ‘lean in’, with interest.

Expand your attention beyond brand mentions to pick up on trends, social cues, and weak signals. Industry topics, news, and even consumer ideas for new uses for your products.

Competitive analysis is perhaps the strongest indicator of what works. By observing what resonates with the audience of competing businesses, you can better predict what your audience will appreciate.

For solid SEO and added interest you need:

• A concise and descriptive meta description
• Sub-headers containing keywords and variants
• Links to other internal pages (to keep visitors in your site longer)
• Outbound links (to authoritative sites)
• Images (preferably with descriptive ALT text)

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