It’s not about you. Know the 5 stages of awareness.

Written communications are about your audience! Whether you’re putting together a website, a social media campaign or any kind of corporate/marketing communication program, you often tend to focus on the product, service or idea you’re promoting. It’s understandable. But your communications effort is NOT primarily about you, it’s about your audience and their needs. Not […]

Head, Heart and Hand: A Simple Path to Effective Communicating

In addition to writing for a variety of clients, I spend time working with scientists, engineers and IT professionals on their presentations to non-experts. While it’s a bit of a cliche’ that “tech nerds” live in their own world, it’s often true that their focus on data can thwart effective communicating by strangling key messages […]


The dictionary defines “authentic” as “not false or copied; genuine; real.” Pretty straight forward. So why are so many people, companies, and brands struggling to be, and come across as, authentic? This question arises of course at a time when people are becoming ever-more skeptical about trusting brands and companies. Perhaps marketing has become a […]

The end of marketing as we know it? Lessons from the pandemic

As the COVID 19 pandemic rages on, the media picked up on a “feel good” story recently based on a simple gesture from a few front-line hospital workers. They wanted to show their desperately ill patients that the people hovering over them were compassionate human beings. The gesture: caregivers enlarged pictures of their smiling faces […]


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